How Can We Help You?

  • Your banking information, including your bank information, login, and bank account are not collected, or even available to SynergyDeposits. This information is collected by and processed by Interac. Interac then returns the result of the transaction to SynergyDeposits. If the transaction was successful then SynergyDeposits will display the appropriate status message. We will also email you if the status of your transaction changes.

    During the checkout process, SynergyDeposits will collect basic information about you (Name, Address, Phone number) this is used to associate your transaction with your identity. This information is stored encrypted in our database and is only accessible to SynergyDeposits customer service staff and Correctional Facility staff who need it to process your transaction.

    SynergyDeposits encrypts all data in transmit, and at rest to protect your personal information. We have a rigid security control process to assure that our services are secure and protected.