How Can We Help You?

  • You can select the payment method that is easiest for you.

    If you want to transfer funds electronically online, you can select either Interac or Paypal. Interac does not service all banks, so we do recommend PayPal if you are unsure which option to select.

    Interac will collect your banking information and allow you to approve an instant transfer to SynergyDeposits. This happens online and is usually completed within a few minutes. Interac will automatically send us a payment status and we will transmit the information to the Correctional Facility so they can make the funds available to the inmate.

    When you make a deposit to an inmate account, the funds are sent to the facility housing the inmate. The facility tracks these funds in the Inmates Trust Account.

  • We will inform you via email regarding the status of your deposit. That status will indicate if a deposit is accepted or refused by the correctional facility, and in the case of a refund, when the refund is issued.

    You can also check the status of your transaction at

  • It typically takes 1-3 days from the time you complete and fund your deposit with SynergyDeposits for the funds to be available to the inmate. The exact time depends on the processing schedule of the Correctional Centre. Many Correctional Centres process deposits 7 days a week, while some only process on business days.

    We will email you whenever the status of your deposit changes. You can also check the status of your transaction at

  • Paysafecash has deposit locations across Canada, and the USA. You can locate merchants near you using the links below:

  • You can transfer funds directly from your bank account to SynergyDeposits using Interac Online. Interac Online is supported by the following Financial Institutions.

    • First Nations Bank
    • TD Canada Trust
    • Most Canadian Credit Unions

    As of January 6, 2023, RBC no longer supports Interac Online transactions